Our commitment to excellence and purity to our customers has helped us become the market leaders in our acid business. Today, we touch the lives of millions of people by serving our customers in the areas of fertilizers and chemicals, detergents, power- houses, sugar mills etc having a global footprint.


Using the most productive and eco-friendly processes, we produce approx. 33000 metric tons of Sulphuric acid from our efficient production facility at Sardar nagar.

Over view

Asian fertilizers factory at Sardar nagar began its operations in 1992 with installed production capacity of 100 m.t. of Sulphuric acid per day. With this production capacity we have emerged as the second largest producer of Sulphuric acid in whole Uttar Pradesh and adjoining areas.

Raw material

Raw Material required is Sulphur with the following specification.

Specification %
Purity On Dry Basis Min. 99.50%
Ash Contents Max. 0.05%
Acidity Max. 0.02%
Moisture Max. 0.3%


Sulphuric Acid 98% (H2SO4) is produced from Sulphur which is procured from IOCL Refineries and BPCL Refineries, Sulphur Dioxide is first obtained by burning of the molten Sulphur in presence of air, SO2 is then converted to Sulphur Trioxide (SO3) in presence of Vanandium Pentaoxide (V2O5) which acts as a catalyst. The SO3 thus obtained is absorbed in cycling Concentrated H2SO4 in an absorption tower.

Future initiatives

Our intention is to increase our sulphuric acid production from 100 m.t. to 150 m.t. per day. While expanding the capacity of the plant, emphasis is on use of modern energy efficient equipments with automated operation & control.

Market Growth

In the last five years we have become the top players as far as marketing and selling sulphuric acid is concerned in our region.


Asian Fertilizers Limited has its own brand name "Asian Fertilizers Limited".