Our association with the fertilizer industry is as old as the industry itself. A pre-eminent name in the fertilizer industry, we are the third largest manufacturer of SINGLE SUPER PHOSPHATE in Uttar Pradesh. Through our experience and expertise we have acquired competitive advantages in an industry where substantial expansion is expected in the foreseeable future.


Using the most productive and eco-friendly processes, we produce approx. 66000 metric tones of super phosphate from our efficient production facility at Sardar Nagar.

Raw material

Raw Material required is Rock Phosphate and Sulphuric Acid.

The industry like us has to strictly adhere to the norms given by fertilizer control order. Norms in case of rock phosphate are as follows:

Single Super Phosphate(16% P2O5) Power Granulated
Moisture by weight max. 12% 5%
Free phosphoric acid (p2o5) 4% 4%
Water solubles (as P2O5) 16% 16%
Sulphur min. 11% 11%

Particle size

Not less than 90% of the material shall pass through 4 mm IS sieve and shall be retained on 1 mm IS sieve. Not more than 5% shall pass through 1 mm IS sieve

The product obtained just after the production is not ready for packaging. We generally have to give a min. of 15 days curing period, which requires constant re-shuffling of the material. Once the similar results are obtained from the lab, the material is packed.


Asian fertilizers limited has its own Brand name "PASHUPATI".