Key Strengths

One of the Leaders in the Indian Industry

The fertilizer industry in India is highly fragmented with over 100 super phosphate plants. We are amongst the three largest producers of super phosphate in Uttar Pradesh based on the fertilizer statistics published in the year 2009-2010. We manufactured approx.66000 tones of super phosphate that is 90% of our installed capacity in the year 2010.

Strategic Location of plant

Our manufacturing facilities for super phosphate production is located in the north eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, which is a highly agricultural area and gives us an edge over selling over product at best possible rates. No doubt inward freight to our plant is quite high but outward freight is very low which gives us an opportunity to compete with our rivals. As a result of our presence in the state of Uttar Pradesh, we benefit from the following advantages.

Proximity of phosphate Deficient Markets

Our plant is located close to phosphate deficient markets of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and West Bengal. Thus, our primary markets are located close to our manufacturing facility and we do not rely on transporting our product to distant markets, which gives us a comparative advantage in distribution costs of this bulk commodity.

Excellent distribution network

Fertilizer marketing is purely based on the dealers network. In this regard SHRI RAM FERTILIZERS AND CHEMICALS has appointed their Dealers and opened their district marketing offices in most of the states and cities across the country. They choose their dealers on the basis of strong networking which helps us to supply our product even in the most remote areas.

Cyclical movement

Any fertilizer is a seasonal product, which is not exactly true in case of our product, which is because of location advantage. Being at the border of the state, end of one season at a place is followed by entry in another market. Location advantage is the result of this cyclical sale.

Good Product Quality

The single super phosphate produced by our plant at "Sardar Nagar" is 16% P2O5, light grey in color and is rated as one of the better qualities of super phosphate produced in Uttar Pradesh. This enables us to command a premium on the fertilizer produced by us.